Bike sharing

Sustainable mobility with well-maintained bikes

In the residential projects and in office environments, Umify users are offered a shared bike service. They will have access to well-maintained and insured bikes, to be used for short trips instead of taking the car.

How does it work?

  • Download the ‘Mobit Campus’ app on your smartphone.
  • Create a one-time registration via the login button.
  • As soon as the registration is approved, you can use all electric bikes in the residence.
  • The smart lock will open automatically when you start using the application or when you scan the QR-code.
  • Enjoy your bike trip!
  • Return to your starting point and place the bike in the allocated racks. The lock can be closed manually. 
  • We hope to welcome you back soon !
Bike sharing



Friswit’s offer is both commercial and residential, with a mix of apartments, office space and practice spaces for, for example, liberal professions and sole trader businesses. The combination of living and working also creates a vibrant atmosphere: a win-win situation. In this projects, both residents and employees can book an electric bike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Bike fleet

If a lot of your trips can be done by bicycle, Umify offers shared bikes in the project where you live or work. With a unique login you can then reserve one of those bikes and use it for the desired duration.

Are you an owner or tenant? If so, you can request a unique login at and send us a proof of stay in the project. 

One or more electric bikes are available at each location. After opening the application, you get an overview of how many bikes are available at your location. 

Charging the bikes

As soon as you turn on the electric bikes, you can see how much battery is left. With a fully charged battery, you can cycle between 50 en 90 kilometers. The range of the battery strongly depends on some factors including the use of the accelerations, the tire pressure and the temperature outside. 

Recharging the battery to a 100% level takes up to 4 hours. 

At the end of your ride, you can park the bike in the allocated bike racks in the garage or in front of the building. 

The bicycle can be charged at any time in a regular socket.

Note: the charging cables must remain at the starting place at all times. Make sure that the bicycle is sufficiently charged before you start the ride.

Use and reservation

Check here to see how it works.

Extra explanation: booking a bicycle can be done in two ways and is simple. 

If you want to work with reservations, click on the green zone where you want to pick up the bike. Zones were created for every living and workplace project, so that the bikes can always be found where you want them. When you have chosen a zone, you will receive an overview of the bicycles available in this zone. Click on a specific bicycle and finalize your reservation by clicking on the desired date and time. At the time of your reservation, open the lock on your designated bike using just your smartphone.  

Didn't have time to make a reservation, but still need one of our bikes? Walk to the desired bike, scan the QR code and the lock will open automatically.

Please try click on the green parking zone instead of the bikes. You will then be asked to select a bike in the booking page and afterwards, you can choose the desired duration.

A bike can be booked maximum one week in advance. 

When it appears the bike is needed longer, the booking cannot just be extended. After all, it is possible that the bike is booked again immediately after your ride. You can place a new booking if it turns out the bike is still available when you need it.

You have to book the bike for a period of 24 hours at a time. If you want to use the bike for 2 days in a row, you have to make 2 reservations. Please keep in mind that other users should have the bikes at their disposal as well. To ensure this, we do rely on certain courtesies.

You can cancel a booking at any time. Simply click the ‘clock-sign’ on the map page and swipe left on the reservation. You can than click on the delete sign.

If your battery is dead, you are not able to open, close or book the bike. We therefore strongly advise you to check the status of your smartphone battery before using a shared bike.

The shared bikes are currently being offered free of charge. After a while, an evaluation of actual use will be carried out internally and based on that the cost will be evaluated.

The bikes will be checked regularly. If you notice that the bike is damaged or is not working properly at the beginning of your ride, you can always report this.

Please first check if you have activated the internet on your smartphone. If you do have connection, but the signal is not strong enough to connect to the bike, you should contact Umify. In every underground basement, amplifiers have been installed to offer the best available signal.

Note: some of the corporate wifis seem to block the Mobit network. Please try to turn off the wifi and use 4G.

Try using the ‘ring ring function’. Please go to ‘booking history’, tap on the booking record and then tap ‘Ring Ring’.

Emergencies and insurance

Umify offers you this service for free, just like the use of the bikes.

Yes. When using the shared bikes, you are covered by Umify’s insurance.

If you couldn’t find the answer elsewhere on this FAQ list, you can contact Umify at or via +32 3 320 86 46.

In case of damage, it is always important to report this before your departure. If you don’t report this, you can be held responsible for the damage. We do advise you to take pictures of the damage and contact us.

It is important to inform Umify. They will inform you by telephone of the steps to take.

Yes. We strongly recommend checking the bike for damage before departure. It is therefore important to walk around the bike before the start of the ride, so that you can photograph and report any damage. Do not forget to include a photo of the damage as an attachment if you contact us.

It is important to inform Umify. They will inform you by telephone of the steps to take.

It is important to inform Umify. They will inform you by telephone of the steps to take.