Car sharing

Enjoy your ride with the Umify-shared car

With Umify, users can book one of our shared cars, stationed at their office environment and/or residential project.

How does it work?

  • Create a one-time registration via the login button.
  • As soon as your registration is approved, you can unlock your car, just by using your smartphone.
  • Start to drive the car, but most of all, enjoy your ride with the Umify-shared car.
  • Return to your starting point and close the car with the app.
  • We hope to welcome you back soon!
Car sharing



Fënsterschlass is a prestigious project in the center of Luxembourg City. The listed historical façade was preserved and restored to its original state, in tribute to this residence's glorious past in the ‘secteur protégé de la Ville Haute’. This project is the first to benefit from the shared car-service. The residents are offered the choice between a Tesla model S and an electric Smart.


Frequently Asked Questions

Car fleet

No space for a second car? A lot of your transfers can be done by bicycle or public transport? Umify places shared electric cars in the project where you live or work. With a unique login you can then reserve one of those cars and use it for the desired duration.

Are you an owner or tenant? If so, you can request a unique login at and send us a proof of stay in the project.

Per location one or more electric cars are available. After opening the application, you get an overview of which cars are available at your location.

When selecting the car, you will receive a detailed overview of the equipment in each car in the application. For example, you can see whether there is a GPS installed.

Charging the cars

As soon as you start the electric car, you can see how many kilometers are still available. Now it’s up to you to calculate whether this is sufficient to drive to your destination. We do advise you to include a margin, since the car takes ‘driving behavior’ into account to calculate the remaining battery level. Therefore, the mileage on the counter may vary from what might actually be used.

This depends on the type of power socket you connect the car to. If you use an ordinary socket, for example at someone’s home, it can take up to 8 hours. If a specially designed charging station is used, the car can be fully charged in 3 to 4 hours. But, there is a faster solution! If you stop at a ‘fast charging post’, you can charge up to 80% of the battery in about 20 minutes. Just a short coffee break or a quick lunch and you can continue!

After using the car, you can park it in the allocated parking spaces in the garage or in front of the building. We only ask you to reconnect the car to the charging station so that the next driver can leave with a charged battery.

We prefer you to charge the car at the designated charging stations at your project. If you do have to charge the car while on the road, we ask you to use the Plugsurfing or Bluecorner charging card, provided in the car. This charging card can be found in the glove compartment of the car. There are several apps to help you find the nearest charging station and we recommend you to check these before leaving on your route.

Use and reservation

Check here how it works.

The maximum time-frame for booking a car in advance is 3 months. The sooner you book the car, the greater  the chance that the car can be used when you want to.

When it appears the car is needed longer, the booking cannot just be extended. After all, it is possible that the car is booked again immediately after your ride. You can place a new booking if it turns out the car is still available when you need it.

You have to book the car for a period of 24 hours at a time. If you want to use the car for 2 days in a row, you have to make 2 reservations. Please keep in mind that other users should have the cars at their disposal as well. To ensure this, we do rely on certain courtesies.

You can cancel a booking at any time.

Umify provides a charging cable in each shared vehicle, especially to prevent this problem. If your battery is dead, you are not able to open, close or start the car. We therefore strongly advise you to make timely use of this charging cable. Important note: the charging cables belong to the cars and must therefore be left in each car.

The shared cars are currently being offered free of charge. After a while, an evaluation of the use will be carried out internally and based on that the cost will be evaluated.

The cars will be cleaned at regular intervals. The only thing we ask is not to leave any rubbish in the car and to return the car in a normal state. 

Linking a bank account is standard in this procedure. Umify will not charge a fee for the use of the cars, but it may happen that you have to pay an insurance excess fee or a fine and therefore, we need to have your bank details.

Please first check if you have activated the internet and the bluetooth on your smartphone. If you do have connection, but the signal is not strong enough to connect to the car, you should contact Umify. In every underground basement of our projects, amplifiers have been installed to offer the best available signal.

We strongly advice you to not park in public underground parkings because of the missing internet signal. 

Emergencies and insurance

Umify offers you this service for free, just like the use of the cars.

Yes. When using the shared car, you are covered by Umify’s insurance. The car has comprehensive insurance but do take into account that, in case of damage, you have to pay the excess fee. The excess fee cost depends on the shared car.

If you couldn’t find the answer elsewhere on this FAQ list, you can still contact Umify at or via +32 3 320 86 46.

In case of damage, it is always important to report this before your departure. If you don’t report this, you can be held responsible for the damage. We do advise you to take pictures of the damage and contact us via or on +32 3 320 86 46. 

It is important to inform Umify. They will inform you of the steps to take by telephone. Please contact us via or +32 3 320 86 46. 

Yes. We strongly recommend checking the car for damage before departure. It is therefore important to walk around the car before the start of your journey, so that you can photograph and report any damage. Do not forget to include a photo of the damage as an attachment if you contact us.

If we receive a fine that was obtained during your reservation, you will have to pay this fine. Umify will deliver this fine to you and indicate how much you have to pay.

In the glove department of the car you can find a copy of the insurance documents and, if necessary, a collision form. You can follow the steps on this document. If you need extra assistance, you can find the relevant phone number in your application.

If you lose the charging card, you must report this to Umify. We will inform you by phone of the steps to take.